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No expense spared professional build all steel 1934 Ford tudor sedan street rod.

The Ford was originally purchased in Cheswick PA where it remained until 1988. It was then purchased by Master Builder Paul Pastierik who performed the street rod conversion using all of the original metal on the body.

Chassis: Outlaw performance with Mustang 11 front suspension – master cylinder and brake unit – set up for 1980 Corvette rear end – engine mounts in place.

Engine: Corvette 1988 TPI. After market computer by Digital Performance. Pullys, brackets, alternator, headers, and air compressor are all Street Performance. Headers Jet coated.

Exhaust : Custom stainless steel from Never Rust.

Transmission: Turbo 350

Rear end: 1980 Corvette 278 Gears

Radiator: Walker “Super cool”.

Body: Roof lowered 3 1/4 inches – center custom filled with roof from Concord. Otherwise completely stock.

Paint: 1988 Chrysler Garnet Mist

Interior : Wyman Custom Interiors, Fabric is 1988 Chrysler product to [...]

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